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Top 7 Tips for Organizing Your Home

Make your home something to be proud of.

Clean white organized kitchen
Put your mind at ease.

There's no better feeling than coming home to space that is well organized and clean. Make the most of your cozy living space and take some time to revamp spaces you often use but rarely organize. From storage ideas, to decluttering items, we've got some home organization tips for you.

Optimize your fridge space

Open fridge with lots of fruits and vegetables
Organize the contents of your fridge.

Each section of your fridge should be stocked smartly to make items easy to find before they go stale.

Keep the dairy together and store milk and yogurt at the back of the top shelf where it's the coldest. Store leftovers in clear containers on the middle shelf so that they are visible and won't be forgotten. Fruits and vegetables should be kept in separate drawers, with leafy greens grouped together. Meats will sit on the bottom shelf of the fridge where they are safe from contaminating the rest of the items in the fridge.

Use turntables in your pantry

Open pantry with spices and oils organized on lazy susans
Lazy susan's are great for storing small items.

When storing oils and spices in your pantry opt for a turntable aka a lazy susan. No longer will you have to remove the items in the front of the pantry to reach the items in the back. Turntables give you easy access to all your spices and oils.

Buy stackable food containers

Clear plastic tupperware containers stored in a shelf
Matching tupperware is easier to store.

Invest in bulk Tupperware that is clear and easy to store. No one likes having to guess which lids go with with container. Having multiple sets of the same stackable food containers will conserve more space and be easier to match when on the go.

Sort your clothes by color

Clothes sorted from white to black
Use the rainbow sorting method and sort your clothes by color.

Color coordinating your closet items is not only easy on the eyes but also practical in terms of organization. Sort your tops and bottoms by color and make getting ready in the morning a breeze. Not only will it help you identify specific items, it will also remind of you clothing items you may have forgotten about.

Use matching hangers

Four empty wooden clothing hangers on a rack
Matching hangers make your closet look more put together.

While on the topic of closet storage, invest in matching hangers. This will bring a clean, cohesive look to your closet that will make you feel less cluttered when getting dressed. Felt hangers are great especially for items with a wider neck or silkier fabric.

Clean your bookshelves

Office space with bookcase behind desk
Shelves can collect a lot of dust.

If you have open shelves with books or decorative items on them, you may want to double-check how much dust has collected. As a general rule, try to remove the items and wipe down these open surfaces at least once a week to prevent unwanted dust from collecting.

Schedule your vacuum

Woman with her dog using the remote to turn on Bob Pro robotic vacuum
Schedule your robotic vacuum to clean while you're gone.

Your robotic vacuum that is. While you may think you have left all the dirt at the front door, there could be other things such as pet hair, crumbs, dust, and debris lurking on your floors. To save you the trouble of having the vacuum every room, schedule or turn on your robotic vacuum and let the bot do the sweeping. Perfect for hardwood, tiles, and carpet, these bots can handle all floor surfaces.

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