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7 Clever Organizational Items You Can Find at the Dollar Store

Organization on a budget.

Organized shelf with pillows, storage bins and towels
Well organized shelf.

There's too much clutter and not enough space in your home. You're looking for ways to spruce up your living space and clean up the clutter but you don't want to break the bank doing it. Try the dollar store. Yes, we said the dollar store.

Behind the cheap candy, party favours, and lighters there are actually some great organizational finds. The dollar store can be that one stop shop for all your organizational needs if you know what to look for. Before spending your money on all the items in the store, be mindful of items that are cheaply made or a total waste of money.

Here are 7 clever organizational tools that will give you a bargain for your buck.

1. Organize drawers with plastic baskets

Plastic baskets with makeup and small items inside bathroom drawers
Plastic baskets inside bathroom drawers.

Keep your counter space clear and your drawers organized. Organize your small miscellaneous items, group them into plastic baskets, and store them in your drawers.

These plastic baskets come in all shapes and sizes so be sure to find ones that will fit the dimensions of your drawers or cabinets.

2. Store food in containers

Colorful candies inside glass jars
Candy inside glass jars.

If you like the look of a clean, package-free kitchen try storing your snacks and dry food items into jars or containers.

Choose containers that you are able to see through so that you can easily identify which foods are in which containers. For an added touch, use a label maker to label the food jars and add expiration dates.

3. Store wrapping paper in a shoe organizer

Wrapping papper rolls sitting in a shoe organizer
Wrapping papper rolls stored in a shoe organizer.

Organize your wrapping papers in one area, behind the door. Using a hanging shoe organizer, cut slits at the bottom of each shoe holding compartment except for the last one, and store the wrapping paper vertically.

This will keep your gift wrapping station neat and your wrapping paper rolls from toppling over.

4. Organize jewellery in a daily pill case

Small earrings stored inside a plastic pill case
Small jewelry inside a medicine case.

Travelling with jewellery can be a bit of mystery if you have no place to put your small rings, earrings, or necklaces. Use a plastic pill case and store your small jewellery into the little compartments.

Your jewellery will be kept organized and tangle-free the entire ride.

5. Store power strips in hanging baskets

Power strip hidden in a hanging basket under the desk.
Power strip hidden in a hanging basket.

Clean up the clutter of power cords that are at the floor of your office desk. Use metal hanging baskets to store your items under your desk and in a place you won't even notice.

Install hooks underneath your desk in a place that won't interfere with your workspace, and hang the baskets accordingly. Put any power cords or wires in the basket.

6. Organize items in stacking bins under the sink

Bins stacked under the bathroom sink
Bins organized under the bathroom sink

Plastic stacking bins are great for under the sink organization. They utilize all the open space and create shelves you didn't know you needed.

Store items such as nail polish, hair dryers, lotions, and oral care items in the compartments.

7. Clean up bath toys in a mesh bag

Kids bath toys inside a mesh bag that's hanging on the bathroom wall
Toys stored in mesh bag.

Instead of leaving your kids bath toys in the bathtub to dry, store them in a mesh bag. The toys will be there for easy access playtime.

Put the toys in a mesh bag and use suction cups to attach the bag to the wall. The mesh will allow the toys to dry while keeping them out of the way.


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