How to Tackle Halloween Cleanup Like a Pro

There's nothing more frightful than a mess or stain.

Kids carving out their pumpkins on a table
Have fun with the halloween festivities.

We may be celebrating Halloween a little different this year but that doesn't mean the halloween festivities have to end. Carve the pumpkins, dress up at home, and eat some candy. Make the most of this spooky holiday. When the festivities are over you may be left with a scary mess.

Here are 5 helpful tips to help you tackle the Halloween cleanup:

Pumpkin leftovers

Carved pumpkin with pumpkin guts in a bowl
Put the pumpkin guts in a bowl.

Reduce the amount of cleanup and lay newspapers on the table before carving your pumpkins. While carving, scoop all pumpkin guts into an open plastic bag or bowl on the table to make the cleanup easier. For any bits and pieces that land on the floor, pick up as much as you can and scrub the floors with a mixture of water and dish soap if need be.

Candy stains

Halloween decorated cake pops
Candies look scarier when they become stains.

Clean up any candy stains as soon as possible. Sticky candies such as taffy, lollipops, and tootsie rolls can melt deeper into fibers the longer you leave them. To remove sticky candy from carpeting or upholstery, cover the spot with an ice pack for an hour, this will harden the spot and make it easier to scrape away afterwards. To remove the sticky candy from clothing, soak the garment in hot water with some detergent for a few minutes in a clean sink or bucket. Hot water will remove the sugars. Scrub the affected area and machine wash as you would normally.

Chocolate stains

Chocolate squares stacked
Catch chocolate stains before they melt.

Melted chocolate stains on clothing is no fun. Remove chocolate stains by cleaning them immediately. Wipe any excess chocolate from the stained area with a tissue or dry cloth and soak the garment in cold water with some detergent for a few minutes. Do not use hot water as this will bake the stain. Scrub the stain until it is no longer visible. When done, machine wash as you would normally.

Makeup stains

Little boy with skeleton makeup on his face
Avoid getting makeup on clothing.

Like candy, makeup stains should be dealt with immediately. Whether it spills or stains on clothing or fabrics, it will be easier to remove the sooner it happens. Blot out as much of the color as possible from the garment and apply a liquid detergent to the affected area. Blot the spot with cold water until the stain fades away. Repeat as necessary.


Hand holding glitter
Glitter can be a pain to cleanup.

Glitter from costumes can end up everywhere. Let your robotic vacuum handle that tedious task. Set it to clean and your bot will find the glitter, dust, and any extra dirt lying on the floors.

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