Woman and her small dog sitting on couch while a red Bob Standard cleans the floors

Hi, I'm Bob!


It all started with a bot named Bob. Bob lives and works with humans...so we gave him a human name!

Tailored to Your Needs

Each of our products is specially designed to meet the unique needs of their owners.


Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, high-maintenance or low-maintenance, someone who likes to live large or live cozy, there’s a bObsweep for you.

Little boy with dog controls bObi Pet using the remote control


Bob Standard


Bob PetHair


bObi Classic


bObi Pet




Bob PetHair Plus


Bob Pro


Bob PetHair Vision

Bob Standard robot vacuum in chamapgne
Bob PetHair robot vacuum in rouge
bObi Classic robot vacuum in snow
bObi Pet robot vacuum in silver
Junior robot vacuum in white
Bob PetHair Plus robot vacuum in cobalt blue
Bob Pro robot vacuum in gold
Bob PetHair Vision robot vacuum in space gray

Our Authorized Sellers

Yours for a Lifetime

Even after your warranty has expired, we will continue to support Bob and bObi for a lifetime.


In addition to individual customer support, we provide all the instructional tools you need to operate, maintain, and repair your bot on your own.


Congrats, It's a Bot!

Bob and bObi are more than just gadgets—they're family!


From a handwritten birth certificate to detailed notes from your bObsweep doctor, we try to inject personality into your every interaction with your bot.