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Family in kitchen with large dog while Bob PetHair in rouge vacuums the floor

The Fur Wrangler

Heavy-duty handler. Always reining in stray fur.

Man's Best Friend's Best Friend


Large and in charge, Bob PetHair knows how to handle big families, big dogs, and big messes. Upgraded controls and a more intuitive interface set him apart from Bob Standard.

Go ahead, choose a color!



Top view of Bob PetHair


Standard 1-year warranty on non-consumable parts and labor, 2-year warranty on the battery, 5-year subsidized warranty, and a lifetime of customer service.

Top view of Bob Pethair in rouge cleaning up confetti on hardwood floor

Biggest Fan Club

Over 100,000 units sold.

PetHair is the bObsweep Bestseller.


This Bob paved the way for us to push the robotics boundaries again with our best bots yet: Bob PetHair Plus and bObi Pet.

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