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The Fur Wrangler

Large and in charge, Bob PetHair knows how to handle big families, big dogs, and big messes. Upgraded controls and a more intuitive interface set him apart from Bob Standard.


100,000+ Sold


Large Dustbin


Long Main Brush


Large LCD Screen

Family in kitchen with dog while Bob PetHair vacuums under the cabinets

Pet hair, don't care.

Little boy kid and big dog play on floor while Bob PetHair cleans the hardwood floor

Fur-Filling Dustbin

Bob packs piles of fur into his large dustbin.

Hair-Hungry Brush


Long main brush reels in hair, bits, and scraps in one fell sweep.

Kids walk down the stairs at home while Bob PetHair vacuums in the bedroom
Close up view of LCD screen and buttons on Bob PetHair in champagne



Cleaning modes, trouble numbers, and alerts are displayed on Bob’s large LCD screen.

Vetted for Quality Control


Checkup system individually tests each of Bob's parts for proper functionality.

Additional Features

Select a feature to see how it works.

Auto Recharge


Stair & Obstacle Detection

LCD Screen

UV Light


Mop Attachment

Checkup System

+ All features of Bob Standard​

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