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Woman on her phone using the bObsweep app to control her Bob PetHair Vision robot vacuum

The Visionary Planner

Never loses sight of where he's going.

Sweeping Seer

Bob’s advanced mapping makes fetching fur a walk in the park. His VisiOn™ camera captures a snapshot of his surroundings, while his SLAM-enabled computer cuts a path to cleanliness.

Go ahead, choose a color!



Top view of Bob PetHair Vision
Girl and boy walk down stairs in home while Bob PetHair Vision vacuums the bedroom

Self-Driving Sweeper

Bob's equipped with the latest navigation technology.


SLAM Technology

With SLAM, Bob simultaneously tracks his surroundings and location in real time.



Bob's map is updated continuously to achieve the most accurate picture.


VisiOn™ Camera

Bob's high-definition camera scopes out his environment before every clean.



Send Bob to clean, set his schedule, and see where he's headed next on the bObsweep app.

Unbeatable Coverage

Bob PetHair Vision comes with a 2-year limited warranty on non-consumable parts and labor; a 2-year warranty on the battery; a 5-year subsidized repair plan; and a lifetime of customer service.

Bob PetHair Vision in space grey mopping the floor

Accessories Bundle

Tech your Bob to the next level with these add-on accessories.


Mopping Attachment

Dispenses water as Bob cleans.


NoSweep™ Stripes

Create zones that Bob will not enter.

Girl using bObsweep app to control Bob PetHair Vision and tell it to start cleaning

Download the App


Control your bot, access digital resources, and shop for parts and accessories, all from one place.

Available for iOS and Android devices.

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