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Control hub for your bObsweep bot


Control your bot, access digital resources, and shop for parts and accessories, all from one place. Full suite of features available only for compatible Bob PetHair Vision models.

Download the app

Available on iOS and Android devices.

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bObsweep mobile app controlling Bob PetHair Vision vacuuming under the bed


Cleaning just got easier.







Control Your Bot

Give your bot a custom nickname and send it to clean or charge. Connect the app to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device for virtual assistance.*


Create Schedules

Set a custom routine for your bot, so it cleans on your time. Schedule your Bob PetHair Vision to clean on certain days of the week at specific times.*


Customize Your Clean

Select cleaning modes and enable or disable features. Customize your Bob PetHair Vision to mute, enable low power mode, or disable the edge sensors; you're in control.*


Track Your Bot

View your bot’s internal map and see where they’re headed next. As your Bob PetHair Vision cleans, a map of your bots cleaning path will form in real time.*


Access Digital Resources

View digital versions of your Owner’s Manual and Quick Start Guide. Access step by step instructional guides to help you get started or troubleshoot problems.


Shop Parts & Accessories

Browse the official bObsweep store for all parts & accessories. Shop for parts such a batteries, wheels, brushes, bumpers or coverage plans.

*Feature only available for Bob PetHair Vision

Connect your virtual assistants

Bob PetHair Vision is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Amazon Alexa voice command telling Bob PetHair Vision to start vacuuming

"Alexa, start Bob."

Connect your bot to your Alexa-enabled device to send your bot to clean or charge with voice commands.

To start cleaning:

"Alexa, start vacuum/Nickname."

"Alexa, turn on vacuum/Nickname."

To charge:

"Alexa, turn off vacuum/Nickname."

Google Assistant telling Bob PetHair Vision to start cleaning

"Ok Google, start Bob."

Connect your bot to your Google Assistant to send your bot to clean or charge with voice commands.

To start cleaning:

"Ok Google, start vacuum/Nickname."

"Ok Google, start the vacuum/Nickname."

To stop cleaning:

"Ok Google, pause vacuum/Nickname."

"Ok Google, pause the vacuum/Nickname."

To charge:

"Ok Google, charge the vacuum/Nickname."

"Ok Google, dock the vacuum/Nickname."

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