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bobsweep pethair appetite

Always hungry for all that’s on the

menu, from the longest pet hair to the lightest dust bunny.

With his unmatched mapping and localizing technology, Bob identifies different rooms at first glance. Rest assured that Bob utterly respects your privacy: Bob Appetite sends no pictures anywhere, so there is zero risk of access or leaking. Bob creates a map of his surroundings, and plans the best coverage of the entire house, with no reliance on the cloud for these processes. Now that’s a smart robot that you can trust not just with your floors, but also with your secrets!

Go ahead, choose a color!

Thai Tea



Pet hair = Great dinner

With adjustable suction settings, Appetite is hungry for all that’s on the menu, from the longest pet hair to the lightest dust bunny.


One bot, two appliances

Bob Appetite complements powerful vacuuming with mopping for a complete clean.


App, no mishap 

Smooth, intuitive, refreshing. “App” is Bob’s middle name, after all! Supports Bluetooth fast Wi-Fi pairing.

Unbeatable Coverage

Bob PetHair Appetite comes with a 2-year limited warranty on non-consumable parts and labor; a 2-year warranty on the battery; a 5-year subsidized repair plan; and a lifetime of customer service.


Mop Attachment,


Large and in charge, SLAM is made for pet-loving homes. The wet mopping system scrubbs to eliminate lingering germs off the floors.


Download the App


Control your bot, access digital resources, and shop for parts and accessories, all from one place.

Available for iOS and Android devices.

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