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The Insatiable Helper

With enhanced mapping and localizing technology, Bob creates an accurate map of his surroundings, and plans the best cleaning path taking into account your wishes as well.


LiDAR Mapping


Smart Home Ready


Turbolift™ Vacuum


NoSweep™ Zones

Respect for your boundaries



Edit, personalize, and customize Bob’s cleaning map. Draw cleaning zones, NoSweep zones, Room-to-Room cleaning, and more.


Privacy is no joke

Bob Appetite sends no pictures anywhere, period.

Your wish is Bob’s command

Voice control Bob with Amazon Alexa &

Google Assistant

apps and devices.

Works with alexa button
Works with Google Assistant button

Unparalleled cruising


No training run or area scoping needed; Bob maps on the fly, while his proprietary SLAM technology keeps track of his surroundings and location.

Additional Features

Auto Recharge


Audio Alerts

Large Dustbin

Stair & Obstacle Detection

Dark Carpet Cleaning

Mopping Attachment

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