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Bob PetHair Vision Warranty Details

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If Bob isn’t the right fit for you, you can return him within 60 days for a full refund.


2-Year Limited Warranty

Covers: Cost of non-consumable parts and labor

Does not cover: Postal charges

Duration: 2 years from the date you received Bob

2-Year Battery Warranty

Covers: Cost of Bob’s battery

Does not cover: Postal charges

Duration: 2 years from the date you received Bob


5-Year Subsidized Repair Plan

Covers: 25 – 50% of the cost of non-consumable parts

Does not cover: Labor and postal charges

Duration: 5 years from the date you received Bob


Lifetime of Customer Service

Our support team will always assist you regardless of your warranty status.

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Extend Your Warranty

Be prepared for anything. Extend your standard warranty with these additional coverage plans.

Rejuvenation Kit

Starting at


A pack of consumable parts (e.g. filters and brushes) not covered by our warranty.

Checkup Plan

Starting at


Extra coverage on consumable parts, labor, and shipping costs.

Replacement Plan

Starting at


Covers up to 2 replacements for 2 years* from the date you purchased your bot.
*3 years for bObi Pet and PetHairPlus

Master Plan

Starting at


The Platinum Tier Rejuvenation Kit, Checkup Plan, and Replacement Plan, all in one.

Best Value

Every bObsweep purchased from an authorized seller comes with: