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Master Plan

Master Plan

PriceFrom $199.99

Be prepared for any obstacle that crosses your path.


With the Master Plan, you get:

  • The Platinum Tier Rejuvenation Kit (4-year supply)
  • The Platinum Tier Checkup Plan (2-year coverage)
  • The Replacement Plan (2-3 year coverage)

All in one. It’s the ultimate peace of mind package.


USA & Canada only.

  • We’ll send you a 4-year supply of consumable parts.


    Bob PetHair Plus, Bob PetHair, Bob Standard, Junior, Dustin

    • 4 Main brushes
    • 4 Side brushes
    • 4 Filters (2 with filter frames)
    • 4 Mopping cloths (none for Junior)


    Bob Pro, Bob PetHair Vision, Bob PetHair Vision Plus, Bob PetHair SLAM, Bob PetHair Appetite

    • 4 Main brushes
    • 6 Side brushes
    • 4 Filters


    bObi Pet and bObi Classic

    • 4 Main brushes and 2 rubber brushes
    • 4 Side brushes
    • 4 Filters
    • 4 Mopping cloths

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