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The Visionary Planner

Bob’s advanced mapping makes fetching fur a walk in the park. His VisiOn™ camera captures a snapshot of his surroundings, while his SLAM-enabled computer cuts a path to cleanliness. 


VisiOn™ Mapping


Smart Home Ready


Dual-Power TurboLift™ Vacuum


Extra-Long Brushes

Bob PetHair Vision going to charging station to charge

Bob's equipped with the latest navigation technology.

VisiOnary Mapping


Bob's VisiOn™ camera scopes out the environment while his SLAM-enabled computer keeps track of his surroundings and location in real time.

Bob PetHair Vision using camera to map out bedroom
Big dog in front of Bob PetHair Vision sweeping the floor in kitchen

Smart Home Ready

Connect your bot to an Alexa device or Google Assistant using the bObsweep app. After connecting, your bot is ready to respond to the call of your voice! 

Works with alexa button
Works with Google Assistant button
Girl and dog sitting in hallway while Bob PetHair vacuums the floor

Pet Hair Be Gone


Dual-power TurboLift™ vacuum specifically designed to tackle the toughest of pet hair. One of the strongest in the industry.

Close up view of Bob PetHair Vision bumper and side brush

Brush Off the Dirt


Twin side brushes and a main brush spin in tandem to pick up large scraps and bits, while highly efficient filter traps harmful particles and pathogens in the air.

Additional Features

Auto Recharge


Audio Alerts

Large Dustbin

Stair & Obstacle Detection

Dark Carpet Cleaning

Mopping Attachment*

NoSweep™ Stripes*

Front view of Bob PetHair Vision

*Included in accessories bundle.

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