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Simple Tips to Help Clean Out Your Closet for a New Season

Effortlessly transition and declutter your closet.

Organized closet with clothes on hangers
Organized closet.

I's time to trade the shorts for coats, and the sandals for boots. As the seasons change, your wardrobe will change to match the colder weather. But before you put away those summer clothes make sure you're taking care of them first. This doesn't mean cramming all your summer clothes into boxes and storing them under your bed, but instead, this means taking the time to clean up and clean out your closet.

Wash your clothing

Clean clothes on clothing hangers
Wash your clothes before putting them away.

Summer is the season of hot weather and stains. Before you put clothes back into your closet make sure you're washing them first. Bugs are attracted to sweat, body oils, and perfume and it's best to avoid the pest problem altogether. Another reason to wash your clothes is so that when it's time to swap your summer wardrobe back in next year, you're clothes are clean and ready to wear.

Brush the dirt off shoes

two sandals
Clean your sandals.

Before packing away your summer shoes make sure you're scrubbing the dirt and scum off. This will prevent the dirt from rubbing off onto other items when packing and prevent it from any unwanted odors.

Using a soft bristle brush you can loosen the dirt and scrub off the debris. If you have a cleaner made specifically for that shoes material you can use it to give it a polish. If not, detergent and water works just as well. Always be sure to check care instructions to get the best results.

Donate unwanted items

Clothes in donation box
Discard any items you don't wear.

Go over all the items in your closet before packing them away. If there are a few items you never wear, think about donated or selling them. You will never regret donating an item you have no use for anymore and giving it to a good home.

Remember to wash and remove any stains before donating.

Store clothes in a dry, dark space

Clothes folded inside luggage
Store extra clothes in luggage.

Store last seasons clothes in storage containers on the upper shelves of your closet where it's harder to reach and out of the way. If you have empty suitcases that are taking up space, you can also use them as storage for clean unused clothes.

Delicate dresses and blouses should be handled more delicately and hung inside single garment bags to keep them protected and from trapping any moisture.


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