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3 Bad Organization Habits You Might Be Doing and How to Solve Them

Organized storage bins
Organized storage space.

They say a clean space creates a clear mind. Decluttering your home or workspace can increase levels of productivity and ultimately shift your headspace to lower levels of stress. Less mess, less stress. Seems easy enough, right? While decluttering seems pretty straight forward, it's easy to from some bad habits over time.

We're breaking down 3 bad organization habits (you might be doing) and how you can solve them.

1) Keeping Unnecessary Items

Girl putting toys into donation box
Donate any items that no longer have a use.

Whether it's that gifted soda maker sitting in the kitchen, that ironing board that's collecting dust in the hallway, or the collection of Christmas cards still laying on the family room table; chances are you have items taking up space that are not being used on a daily basis.

While these items are still here incase you decide to use them, they are not all an essential to your day to day life.

What to do:

  • Keep only the essentials out on display

  • Decorate sparingly (less is more)

  • Put away the items that are just for sentimental value

  • Donate or regift items that you're willing to let go of

2) Not Enough Time

Bob Pro robotic vacuum cleaning kitchen floor
Bob Pro robot vacuum sweeping the floors.

Let's be real. In-between all your daily tasks, your hobbies, and your family, it's hard to find time to add cleaning to the schedule. It's easy to keep leave the cleaning to another time. But when is there every a right time?

What to do:

  • Spend a few minutes a day on one decluttering and cleaning task

  • Invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner to sweep the dirty floors. Schedule your bot to clean at specific times of the week, set digital barrier for no-go-zones, and they'll return to their charging station when done.

3) Cluttering Has Become Normal

Cleaning schedule in calendar journal
Create a schedule in a planner.

When your house has become cluttered for too long it becomes easier and easier to slip into messy habits. What's one more dish in the sink or one more magazine on the pile? Eventually these poor habits will add up without you even realizing.

What to do:

  • Create a cleaning schedule

  • Make sure everyone in the household is aware of their messy habits

  • Look for cleaning and organizing inspiration online

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