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8 Easy Kitchen Organization Tricks That Will Change Your Life

Maximize your space and transform your kitchen.

Girl making dinner in a clean white kitchen
Organized kitchen space.

No matter how big or small your living space is, making the most of your kitchen space is key when you're cooking. Utilize your storage units and organize your kitchen items for less clutter and more open space.

Here are 8 organization tricks you can easily do to declutter and tidy up your kitchen.

1. Every item has its own place

Silverware stored inside wooden trays inside drawer
Cutlery organized and stored inside a drawer.

Every item has a home and every home has an item. No matter how big or small an item is, keeping them organized in its own area will ease your stress and reduce your efforts trying to find an item. Spend less time looking for that measuring cup, and more time actually cooking.

2. Group miscellaneous items together

Kitchen items stored on a hanging shelf
Kitchen items stored on a shelf.

The idea of everything falling into their respective categories and places is nice, but it's not always possible. For items that don't really belong anywhere, them keep them together in a drawer or even a basket. Organize the random items such as the random baking supplies and appliances together in one spot and keep the mess organized.

3. Utilize the pantry

Pots on kitchen countertop with white pantry items neatly stored
Organized pantry with cups and glasses.

The easiest trick in the book is to put items away, the less you see the more open and free the space will look. Store items that are less frequently used in the pantry. If you're not entertaining guests very often, store the fancy silverware and decorative plates away. Utilize that top pantry shelf for items you simply don't use or don't like having out on the counters all day.

4. Deep drawers are essential for storage

White pullout drawers under kitchen table
Deep pullout drawers under kitchen table.

Store heavier items such as electrical appliances or pots and pans in a bottom cabinet or drawer. Try to incorporate and utilize deep drawers into your kitchen to help with organization. Storing the pots and pans in a deep drawer will make it easier to access, as oppose to a cabinet where they may be stacked up upon each other. No ones wants to play a game of Jenga just to get the middle pot out.

5. Save open shelving for most used items

White open shelves with blue bowls and plates on top
Open shelves with bowls on top.

If your space calls for it, invest in some open shelving. Ditch the clutter on the kitchen counter and line a few shelves above the counter top to maximize your counter space. Ensure that the shelves are wide enough for versatility, and mounted safely before putting on any heavy items. For convenience, place items such as mugs or plates that are more frequently used in your household on the shelves.

6. Store food in glass jars/containers

Beans, pasta, and baking supplies stored in glass jars
Glass jars filled with small food items.

Remove the packaging from your store bought items and place the items into containers. Reduce the amount of plastic in your household and to keep everything looking clean and organized. The containers are great for storing anything from baking ingredients, nuts, snacks, coffee, tea, or cereal. Wash them out and the can be repurposed for another item. Opt for transparent glass or plastic to help you better identify what's in each container.

7. Invest in a label maker

Glass jars with labels on the side
Labelled jars filled with spices.

Use a label maker to label the food jars and containers. This will eliminate the guessing game when trying to differentiate the salt from the sugar. Also use the label maker to add expiration dates to the bottom of each jar. Without the packaging as a reminder it will be hard to remember when things are past their expiration date.

8. Buy storage units for more space

White storage unit with bowls, plates, and glasses inside
Storage unit filled with extra bowls and plates.

If you're short on space, buy an extra storage unit that fits your space. It doesn't have to take up a whole wall, but it should hold the items that don't quite fit in your pantry. Find a storage solution that will pair well with the rest of your decor in the kitchen and you won't even be able to tell it didn't come with the kitchen.

For more tips on how to organize, check out these 3 Bad Organization Habits You Might Be Doing and How You Can Solve Them.


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