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8 Lazy Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

For the lazy cleaner in all of us.

Coming home to a fresh, clean, living space will put your mind at ease after a long and busy day, but some of don't have the time or effort to commit to a cleaning schedule. It's easier said than done and not all of us have that cleaning bug in us. So is there a way to clean your home with the least amount of effort? We say yes.

We've rounded up 8 cleaning hacks you can do to achieve a clean home with minimal effort.

1. Freshen up with air fresheners

Girl meditating and breathing in fresh air
Keep the air smelling fresh.

Put a few air fresheners throughout your home and instantly refresh your home. Opt for fresh scents like lavender or linen to make you home feel cleaner. It's the easiest trick in the book with minimal effort!

2. Dust the blinds with dryer sheets

Clean window blinds
Wipe the blinds clean.

The easiest way to keep dust off your blinds is to wipe them with a damp dryer sheet. The dryer sheet will pick up all the dirt and dust, and prevent any future dust particles from sticking for a longer period of time.

3. Clean electronics with disinfectant wipes

Bottle of disinfectant wipes
Use disinfectant wipes for easy cleaning.

Disinfectant wipes are an easy solution for cleaning surfaces. It's a wipe that's ready to go, there's no extra spraying involved. Electronics like the tv remote, home phone, or your kids videos games collect the most germs. Use a wipe to clean those germs fast and efficiently.

4. Organize garments on clothing hangers

Clothes hanging in closet
Hang clothes instead of folding them.

Doing the laundry is easy, it's folding your clothes that takes up time. Cut your laundry time in half and opt to hand your clothing instead of folding it. If your closet calls for it, try fitting 2 clothing rods in one space, one at the top and one closer to the bottom. This will maximize your space and allow for more hangers to fit.

5. Use rubber gloves to pick up pet hair

Cat sitting on sofa
Keep sofas clean of pet hair.

If you don't want to deep clean your sofa, put on a pair of clean rubber gloves and run your hands along your furniture to easily pick up any loose hair. If your pets shed a lot, wet the gloves a bit (for wet-safe furniture). The hair will instantly cling to the gloves, it's that easy.

6. Hide items in storage compartments

Storage cabinets
Organize discretely.

The key to a clean and well organized space is minimizing clutter. Having plenty of storage space for all the small knick knacks that aren't being used on a daily basis is important. Throw all your items into storage and retrieve them when you need them.

If there isn't enough space in your home for shelves or drawers try buying items that double up as storage (beds with drawers underneath, benches that open up, seating cubes with compartments inside etc.).

7. Place multiple cleaning supplies around the house

Bucket of cleaning supplies
Keep cleaning supplies in different areas.

If all your supplies are in one area of the house, you might be too lazy to grab them and you may even forget about them. Store your cleaning supplies in multiple areas around the house to increase your chances of actually cleaning. This will also act as a constant reminder of what you need to clean.

8. Schedule a robot cleaner

Robot vacuum controlled by mobile app
Bob PetHair Vision cleans the floors for you.

Throughout the week, the floors can collect a lot of dust and dirt. Robot vacuum cleaners are great for those who don't have the time to sweep and mop the floors. Schedule your bot to clean, or use the remote to tell it to clean right away. If your bot comes with an app, you can even command it to clean from your mobile device or virtual assistant.

Why not have some fun while you clean? Turn on some tunes, and check out our spring cleaning playlist.

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