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You're Forgetting to Clean These Commonly Touched Items

When you think cleaning you might think about the general surfaces like the kitchen counter, washroom sinks, carpet and flooring. It's easy to forget about cleaning the commonly touched items that we use everyday.

Here are 6 commonly used items that you should be cleaning more often.

1. Door knobs and handles

Close up of door knob handle leading to bedroom
Bedroom door knob handle.

The surfaces that are meant to be held or touched by our hands the most is often the surface that's most neglected. Think about all the dirty hands that touch the door knobs, kitchen cabinets, washroom handles, and faucets. These are some of the dirtiest surfaces. In good hygiene, it's important to wipe them down with a disinfectant spray or wipe, once a day.

2. Trash bin

Open trash bin full of compost
Full garbage bin.

Taking out the trash is easy, once it fills up or smells a little funky we take it out. What's often forgotten about is the trash bin itself. Chances are your trash bin holds a lot of bacteria and maybe even some leakage from food that might have spilled. To make sure your kitchen is smelling its best be sure to wipe down the inside and outside of your trash bin one a week or so.

3. Reusable grocery bags

Reusable grocery bag filled with cans
Grocery tote bag.

Reusable bags are great for saving the environment and holding a lot more groceries than those flimsy plastic bags, but they can also get pretty dirty. Groceries such as unwashed fruits and vegetables, cereals boxes, and soup cans can get dirty from sitting in the store or warehouse prior to your home. This means that the inside of your reusable bag may not be the cleanest. If you're placing your reusable bags on the counters at the store, or on the ground before opening your front door, the outside of your bag will get a little dirty over time as well.

It's important to wash your reusable grocery bag every week or so to keep it clean as you would with any other fabric. When the bag is looking a little dull, toss it in with the rest of your laundry.

4. Remotes

Hand holding tv remote control
Remote control for the tv.

From the TV remotes, to the garage door remote, to the remote for your robotic vacuum cleaner; these are some of the most frequently touch items used around the house. When you think about it, they're covered in fingerprints, germs, and maybe even crumbs.

Try to clean and disinfect your remotes at least once a week. Use a disinfecting solution and microfiber cloth to thoroughly clean between the crevices of the remote. Opt for a disinfectant wipe if you're looking for a quick clean.

5. Keyboard

Girl doing work on her laptop keyboard
Dirty hands on keyboard

Your keyboard might be the main hub of dirt and germs if you're not cleaning it frequently. If you like to eat while you work or watch videos there may be lingering crumbs, oil marks, and even bacteria growing on your keys.

Much like your remotes, you should be cleaning your keyboard at least once a week. Use a disinfecting solution and microfiber cloth to thoroughly clean between the crevices of the keys, and use a compressed air can to push the dirt and dust from out under the keys. Opt for a disinfectant wipe if you're looking for a quick clean.

6. Sponges

Sponge being used to clean a window sill
Sponge cleaning dirty surfaces

Making sure your sponges are clean and free of bacteria is very important. Whatever you are using them for, you want to make sure they is no lingering bacteria on your cleaning tool. They say your best solution to kill the bacteria is to throw out your sponge every week, but that's not really a practical solution. Instead, try washing your sponges through a short cycle in the laundry machine at the hottest setting, with a powder detergent and bleach.

For more tips and tricks on hygiene and bacteria check out this article, Important Hygiene Facts to Keep in Mind.


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