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7 Popular Interior Design Styles (with Bots to Match)

When you're trying to maintain a clean home and a stylish aesthetic it can be hard. We're going over the most popular interior design styles of 2020 and how to achieve them, to help you find your homes style. Add a robotic vacuum cleaner to match your home decor so your aesthetic stays the same no matter how dirty it is. From modern smart homes, to sleek and polished decor; we've got a cleaning companion fit for every interior design.

The Modern Smart Home

Clean cut corners, solid colors, and hidden gadgets; modern homes are often equipped with the latest and greatest in smart home technology. Everything from lighting, to thermostats, to security systems, can be controlled through smart assistants and mobile apps. Nowadays, modern smart homes are becoming increasingly popular.

Your Bot: Bob PetHair Vision

Bob PetHair Vision is sleek, smart, and advanced. Bob's advanced mapping makes fetching fur a walk in the park. His VisiOn™ camera is used to capture a snapshot of his surroundings, while his SLAM-enabled computer cuts a path to cleanliness. He's also equipped with a downloadable mobile app that allows for smart device connectivity. Bob is perfect for the tech-savy expert looking for an easy cleaning solution.


The Big, Bold, and Bright

Bold colors and statement furniture make this style stand out above the rest. Add a matching bot in a color that matches this bright aesthetic and you have a match made in heaven.

Your Bot: Bob PetHair Plus

Bob PetHair Plus is strong, bold, and colorful. Available in a variety of colors, Bob PetHair Plus is our strongest floor cleaner and provides the best relief for pet owners who love their pets, but not their mess. Shed happens! And when it does, Bob is your best furend.


The Fun & Lively

Chaotic families and practical design, unite! Fun patterns, easy to clean surfaces, and vibrant accents are the vibe of this lively interior design. With a busy lifestyle it's hard to maintain a clean house and that's where a robotic vacuum comes in handy.

Your Bot: Bob PetHair

Bob PetHair is quick, reliable, and full of life. Able to keep up with any family of any size, this bot is the pop of color you need to match the vibrant mood of the house. Bob PetHair knows how to handle big families, big dogs, and big messes. Upgraded controls and a more intuitive interface set him apart from Bob Standard.


The Humble Abode

Wooden furnishings, cozy rugs, and warm tones. The perfect place to snuggle up to a warm fireplace with a cup of tea. The humble abode is where you want to relax after a long day. Forget about the mess and have your bot take care of sweeping the floors.

About the Product:

Bob Standard is sturdy, humble, and reliable. The first in our line, Bob is still everyone’s go-to cleaner. Packed with all our favorite features, he sweeps, cleans, and gets the job done. Perfect for a humble abode where just the essentials are needed. What more could you ask for?


The Sleek & Polished

Stainless steel appliances, sleek surfaces, and built-in stove tops. This interior design is so smooth you can see your own reflection! Add a matching robotic floor cleaner and your floors will be as spotless as your counter tops.

Your Bot: Bob Pro

Bob Pro is sleek, smooth, and easy-to-use. When your floors are looking rough, Bob Pro smooths them over. One click and Bob floors it, no further instructions needed. Just click and go — leave the cleaning to a professional. Available in 2 colors, Bob will match the aesthetic of those household appliances.


The Cute & Flirty

Cute plants, pastel colors, and soft textures are what inspire this cute and flirty interior design. The aesthetic is fun and cozy with some added personality. Add in a stylish robotic vacuum to take care of the clean floors and you'll have your guests in awe.

Your Bot: bObi Pet

bObi Pet is fun, strong, and stylish. Available in a variety of fun colors, she's a high-tech helper that keeps her nose to the ground to sniff out the dirt. Pet hair is no match for a robot of this pedigree. So go ahead. Shed.


The Serene Sanctuary

Earthy tones, simple patterns, and all white finishings make this a dream for minimalistic designers. When your aesthetic is as clean and and simple as this, you need a robotic vacuum to help keep the floors clean with no mess or fuss. Why not find one that matches the serene vibe?

Your Bot: bObi Pet

bObi Classic is smooth, nimble, and minimalistic. She's the perfect compact cleaner for small spaces and big messes. Long-lasting tech and a minimalistic design make bObi an absolute Classic.

Still undecided on which bot is right for you? Take our quiz and let us find your right fit.


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