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5 Useful Tips to Help You Choose the Right Robot Vacuum for Him

Get Dad a new tech gadget this Father's Day.

Male holding remote control with robot vacuum in front heading to charging station
Male using remote control to control Bob PetHair robot vacuum.

He's all about finding the most efficient ways to get things done. What better way to celebrate Father's Day than with a gift that will make his life a little easier. Change the tech game for dad and get him a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are the future of floor cleaning. Sweep, vacuum, auto-recharge, mop, and schedule your bot to clean the floors. Perfect for the dad who wants a simple solution to clean floors and less mess.

However, when it comes to robot vacuums how do you know which model is the best model? It all comes down to your living situation, your mess, and your space. Here are 5 useful tips to help you choose the best robot vacuum cleaner for Dad (or you).

1. He's got pets

Bob PetHair plus cleaning up pet hair from dog
Bob PetHair Plus sweeping up pet hair.

The first step to choosing the right bot for Dad is to understand his shedding situation at home. If he's got a furry animal in the house it's best to opt for a model that is specifically designed to clean up pet hair.

It's a hairy situation

Robot vacuums such as Bob PetHair Vision, Bob PetHair Plus, Bob PetHair, and bObi Pet are great for the Dad who's got his hands full with big time shedders. These models have a larger dustbin capacity to hold all the pet hair, dust, and debris these furry friends might leave around the house.

No pets here

If Dad is without a furry companion, there are other great alternatives that also remove dust, dirt, and debris with no trouble. Bob Pro, Bob Standard, and bObi Classic can be his friendly companion around the house, minus the fur.

2. He lives with others

Family and dog in kitchen with Bob PetHair cleaning
Family time in the kitchen while Bob PetHair cleans.

Dustbin capacity is important. Whether he lives on his own, with a spouse, or with the family, the amount of people he lives with determines the amount of cleaning up that needs to be done around the house.

It's crowded

Dad, mom, you, your siblings; it can get chaotic in the house. Get a bot that matches that dynamic. With the largest dustbin capacity of 1100mL, Bob PetHair Plus, Bob PetHair, and Bob Standard are made for big families and even bigger messes.

They're a pair

If it's just dad and mom in the house choose a model that can take care of their everyday messes. Give them a break and get them a robot vacuum that can get started with one press of a button. At 600mL and 500mL, Bob PetHair Vision and Bob Pro are the next best in line when it comes to dustbin capacity.

It's just him

If dad's on his own, chances are his cleanup situation is much less. With less mess, why worry about a larger dustbin? Choose a model with a dustbin capacity of 350mL that's perfect for a one-man home. Models like bObi Pet and bObi Classic are sure to suit his needs.

3. He's got a big living space

Man using remote from his office to tell Bob PetHair to clean.
Dad using the remote to control Bob PetHair from his office.

There's no place like home. Choosing the right bot is more than pets and people, it's also about the living space. Depending on his living situation, get him a bot that has long lasting battery power.

Spacious digs

A big home means lots of rooms and tons of square footage. Get him a bot that can keep up with his spacious home. With an average runtime of 120 minutes, Bob PetHair Vision has the highest runtime of all the models. For a simpler option, try click-and-go Bob Pro who holds the second highest average runtime of 60-100 minutes.

Modest abode

If he lives in a modest town-sized home with several rooms and a few floors, bObi Pet is a good option. With an average runtime of 75 minutes, bObi Pet is the next runner-up from Bob Pro. If bObi Pet isn't quite his style try Bob PetHair Plus with an average runtime of 65 minutes.

Cozy quarters

For cozy apartments or condos, bObi Classic has got it covered. With an average runtime of 60 minutes bObi is perfect for the small living spaces that just need a quick clean up.

4. He's got style

Bob Pro automatically going back to the charging station
Bob Pro automatically heading back to the charging station.

Find a bot that will match his style. Whether he prefers dark and masculine, sleek and sophisticated, or colorful and homey, there's a bot for every mans style.


If Dad wants a lean, mean, cleaning machine get him Bob PetHair Plus. Bob PetHair Plus colors range from charcoal gray, to cobalt blue, and even dark midnight black. Perfect for the man who wants the job done with no extra fuss.


For a sleek and modern option try Bob PetHair Vision which comes in sleek color options like space gray and steel, or Bob Pro which comes in steel or gold. With colors to match his kitchen appliances, he won't even notice these sleek bots roaming the house.


For the man who prefers a little color, opt for colors like rouge and champagne. These bright and cheery colors are available for Bob PetHair, and Bob Standard. They're perfect for the Dad who wants to add a splash of color into his home.

5. He's tech savy

Bob PetHair Vision pairing with bObsweep mobile app
bObsweep app pairing with Bob PetHair Vision.

He's all about finding the most efficient ways to get things done and appreciates a new tech gadget when he sees one. From the dad who has all the latest tech gadgets, to the dad who just wants to get the job done, there's a bot for every man. Change the tech game for dad.

He has all the latest tech

Bob PetHair Vision is changing the tech game for robotic vacuums. This bot will sync to his mobile device to provide him with the most control. Sweeping, charging, scheduling, and mapping all from the bObsweep mobile app. He'll be showing off this new gadget to all his friends and family in no time.

He can manage

If he's looking for a new tech gadget but isn't quite comfortable using his mobile phone to do the controlling, opt for a remote instead. With an easy to navigate remote control and easy to read LCD screen, Bob PetHair Plus and Bob PetHair, are perfect options. These bots are advanced enough to clean on their own, but still easy to manage.

He needs something simple

Bob Pro is the simple option for the simple man. Just one touch and Bob floors it, no assistance required. He won't need to fuss with complex remotes or syncing systems, this bot is as simple as it gets.

If you're still undecided checkout our compare page or try our helpful quiz.


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