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The Compact Powerhouse

This compact cleaner is perfect for small spaces and big messes.

Long-lasting tech and a minimalistic design make bObi an absolute Classic.


Bristle & Rubber Brushes


80 Touch Sensors


Low Profile at 3.4" Tall


Washable Dustbin

Boy watching bObi Classic in blackberry clean the carpet in his bedroom

Don’t let her size fool you — bObi’s a mean, clean, vacuuming machine.

Double the Sweeping Power


Parallel bristle and rubber brushes make dirt your best swept secret.

bObi Classic sweeping under the kitchen table
Front view of bObi Classic's touch sensors

No Bumps or Bruises


Instead of a bumper, bObi uses a network of 80 touch sensors to avoid obstacles

Washing bObi Classic's submersible dustbin under the sink

Flush with Victory


bObi’s dustbin is fully submersible, so you can wash lingering germs down the drain.

Hard on Grime; Easy on the Eyes​


Illuminated touchscreen buttons and a smooth finish give bObi a modern look.

Finger touching the go button on bObi Classic's illuminated touchscreen surface
Side profile of bObi Classic transitioning from tile to carpet

Low Profile


At 3.4" tall, bObi keeps a low profile so she can follow the dirt wherever it leads.

Additional Features

Auto Recharge


Stair & Obstacle Detection

Illuminated Touchscreen Buttons

UV Light


Mini-Mop Attachment

Checkup System

Front view of bObi Classic
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