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bObi Classic

bObi Classic


The Compact Powerhouse


This compact cleaner is perfect for small spaces and big messes. Long-lasting tech and a minimalistic design make bObi an absolute Classic.

Out of Stock
  • Features:

    • Illuminated Touchscreen Buttons

    • Bumperless

    • 80+ Sensors

    • TurboLift™ Vacuum

    • Auto-Charging

    • Scheduling

    • Stair and Obstacle Detection

    • UV Light



    • FullCommand™ Remote

    • Mini-Mop Attachment

    • Charging Station

    • Filter

    • 2 Main Brushes (1 Bristle, 1 Rubber)

    • Side Brush

    • blOck Digital Barrier*

    *Available for purchase separately

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