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7 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas for that Superhero Mom

Near or far, show her how much you appreciate her.

Mom and son laughing together
Happy mothers day.

May is here and Mother's Day is fast approaching! Now, Mother's Day doesn't mean solely celebrating your mother, but its a day of appreciation for all the superhero ladies in our lives who go above and beyond. Though many families may be separated by social distancing protocols, it doesn't mean you can't spend time together virtually. Near or far, let's show these superhero ladies how much we appreciate them.

We've narrowed down 7 thoughtful gift ideas you can do from home, that will put a smile on her face.

Make Her Day - Times are a little different right now but that doesn't mean you can't treat her to an experience you would have enjoyed out in the town. While we can't plan any trips or activities outdoors, why not bring the activities indoor?

1. Breakfast in Bed

Whip up some pancakes, scrambled toast, bacon, and coffee. Treat her to breakfast in bed and recreate that Mother's Day Brunch you would have gone out for, at home. If you're not there in person, try having breakfast together over a video call.

2. Wine and Dine

Remember that restaurant she's always wanted to go to? Try looking for recipes online and create a home-cooked meal. Many chefs from restaurants all over are now making their recipes available online, so you too can recreate their speciality dishes from the comfort of your own home.

3. Make Her Laugh

Maybe you bought tickets to go see that comedy show downtown or tickets to see that new movie that just released in theatres. Your tickets may be cancelled but that doesn't mean your experience is. Streaming services like Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV have tons of options for your viewing pleasure.

If you're not able to watch together, Netflix has created Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that lets you and your loved ones remotely watch Netflix together. Pop some popcorn, pour those drinks, and recreate that showtime experience at home.

Time Together - Give the gift of genuine quality time. Presents aren't always at the top of the list, sometimes all that's missing is quality time together. Mother's have a packed schedule and in-between all the work and cleaning they do, it can be hard to find time to relax with loved ones. Use this time at home to show her how much you appreciate her.

4. Quality Time Together

If you're lucky enough to be able to spend time together in person, sit down together and just hang out. Ask her what she wants to do and make this her day. Play a board game with the family, or restart that old tradition you used to do when you were younger, it doesn't have to be anything extravagant.

5. Video Chat

Now more than ever, video chats are being used as a means of communication to bring family and friends closer together. Skip the phone call, and video call her, because nothing beats physically seeing the person you love. If you can't see them in person, a virtual chat is the next best thing.

Pamper Her - Bring the spa to her. Treat her to a rest and relaxation session at home. She deserves some self-care time.

6. DIY Spa At Home

Light the scented candles, pop some bubbly, and put on a face mask. Recreate that spa treatment at home with items you already have. If you don't have any face masks available, try looking online for a DIY face mask recipe. You could even go the extra mile and try mani/pedis.

If social distancing has separated you two, recreate the spa experience on your own and relax together over a video call.

Spoil Her - If you're looking to get her a physical gift but aren't sure how to without leaving your house. No worries. Many retailers are adapting to the change, and offering free pickup at the store or shipping items straight to your home. Send her a gift that will arrive right on her doorstep.

7. Gifts Delivered Straight to Her Door

Finding the perfect gift online may take some time. Depending on her interests, there are a number of items she might enjoy.

  • For the mom who enjoys cooking try getting her a pressure cooker, or air fryer.

  • For the mom who's always on the go try a robotic vacuum cleaner, or a stainless steel filtering water bottle.

  • For the high-tech mom who's always up to date with technology try a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

  • For the mom who just wants to relax try a weighted blanket or cozy pajamas.

Parenting is a lot of work, and mothers truly are superheroes. If you too are finding it difficult to balance working and parenting here are 5 Effective Tips for Balancing Work and Kids from Home.


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