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Back to School Organization Essentials

Get organized for the school year.

Messy kids room with toys on the ground and world map on wall.
Messy kids room.

Summer break may be over for the kids but that doesn't mean you have to start stressing about the back-to-school season. Stay on top of things at home and make sure your home is equipped with the best organization items.

Here are a few ways to help get you and your kids on track for the school year.

Declutter countertops and utilize wall space

Cork board and white board all in one
Cork board and white board.

Clutter on the desk, countertop, or kitchen table can add up pretty quickly. Take the mess from the tables to the walls with organization options such as cork boards, dry erase calendars, or chalkboards. Create a space for messages, schedules and maybe even assignments. Utilize that wall space.

Tidy up with storage bins

Funky colorful patterns on fabric storage bins
Fun storage bins with colorful patterns.

Store storage bins in the closet or somewhere near the front door for easy access to grab-and-go items. Customize store bins for each member of the house so that items don't get mixed up. Opt for fabric storage bins or the plastic kind you can find at the dollar store.

Stay organized with a journal

Hand written calendar in journal
Hand written calendar.

Much like a cleaning schedule, you need to stay organized with a multi-purpose journal. Keep track of everything from your appointments to the kids soccer practice. Take it up a notch and add dividers or memo pads to help organize your calendar.

Keep snacking with food containers

Tupperware containers with dividers for fruits, vegetables and snacks
Food containers with dividers for snacking.

Say goodbye to plastic ziplock bags. Opt for food containers with dividers, that way you can store multiple snacks in one reusable container. No more having to keep snacks in separate bags.

Stay focused with color coordination

Colorful folders for organizing files
Colorful array of folders.

A simple trick to staying on top of a an abundance of paperwork is to color coordinate each activity. File sorters with a variety of colors, or document boxes with built in tabs are a great way of organizing the kids files such as the class syllabus, report cards, or past homework assignments.


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