bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Autonomous & Self-sufficient



bObsweep is designed to recharge himself when he runs out of juice. As soon as he feels tired and he knows he is running out of charge, he glides to his charge-up station and fits himself into it if he can find it. After a short nap, he’s ready to start cleaning your floors again!

You can also choose to charge Bobsweep directly from his adapter by connecting the latter to his side inlet; if you're taking Bob to his home manually, make sure you're placing him tightly against the charge-up station. Be sure to fit him exactly against the station so that the charging apparatus has full contact with it. This will ensure that bObsweep's connecting parts are attached to the station's connection points and he is fully charged and ready for action when you need him.

The charging process is quite simple to understand. As Bob ‘sleeps’, he displays his charging status via battery level bars. These will turn full from the 1st bar to the 3rd bar repeatedly as the intelligent floor cleaner charges. No, it won’t go ‘ding!’ as charging completes. The display will show 3 full bars when Bobsweep is fully juiced up and ready to clean.



left direction
Harmless to the environment
Bob is as quiet as it gets
Programmable to your schedule
Multi-tasker who won't give up
Bob is subtle, yet thorough
Autonomous & Self-sufficient
Easy to Maintain
Independent yet Obedient
Bob is cautious & sensitive
right direction
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