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How to Clean Pet Hair Out of Your Laundry and Washing Machine

Say goodbye to furry sheets.

Fluffy dog chowchow with blowdryer in pet hair
Fluffy dog getting a blowdry.

We love our pets but they can shed a lot. No matter how many times you brush your pets and how much you lint roll your clothes, their fur somehow ends up on that clean load of laundry.

Why's that? Some pet hair strands have pointy ends which can penetrate into the clothing fabrics, making it more difficult to remove. What's worse is that pet hair gets trapped in clothing, gets wet and clumpy during a wash, and can accumulate inside the washing machine or dryer–causing appliance problems down the road.

Are there solutions to removing unwanted pet hair from your laundry and washing machines? Yes, here's how.

Regularly groom your pets

Small white dog getting groomed
Small dog getting groomed.

Prevent hair build up in the washer by brushing your pet regularly. Use special combs to remove all the loose hairs and prevent them from spreading their shed all over your home.

If you're seeing hair all over the floors a robotic vacuum cleaner is great for automatically picking up all the loose pet hair your pets are shedding on the floor. Spend less time cleaning the floors and more time with your pets.

Put pet hair removal tools in the washer

Take an extra step after lint rolling your garments, and toss special lint removing balls into the washer or dryer with your laundry load. They can help dislodge and collect any stray hair strands.

Cover your pets sleeping area

Grey cat sleeping on white bed covers
Peaceful cat taking a nap.

If lint rolling and deep cleaning your sofa and couches isn't enough, cover their sleeping areas with a designated cover or special blanket. Go the extra mile and protect your furniture. Wash the cover or blankets once a week to keep the pet odor and pet hair out. Just remember to brush the hair off the surface before you throw it into the washer!

Deep clean the washing machine and dryer

If you have a big time shedder on your hands it's important to take care of your washing machine. After each load try to air out the machine by keeping the door washing machine door open. Then, give it a detailed wipe down around the rubber lip of the machine and the inside to clean out as much hair as possible. Be sure to follow up with some washing machine maintenance to fully give it a deep clean.

To remove pet hair build up in your dryer, remove the lint trap and wipe down the excess hair and buildup after each cycle.

For more tips on pet maintenance check out this article on removing pet odor.

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