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How Often Should You be Cleaning Your Bathroom?

Create daily routines to get the job done faster and easier.

Woman wiping down the bathroom sink with a sponge
A daily bathroom routine will make the cleanup easier.

Bathroom clean up may seem like a daunting task, but when small tasks become a daily routine the task becomes manageable. The two most important surfaces to clean are the counter and shower. Wiping these surfaces down daily after use will prevent the build up of mildew and bacteria that tends to grow on damp surfaces. Breaking these tasks down into daily routines will making cleaning the bathroom more manageable on a week to week basis.

Here's what you should be cleaning and how often you should be cleaning them.

Wipe your counter daily

Clean white bathroom countertop
Keep the counter clean.

Keep a micrifiber cloth under the sink or nearby to wipe the buildup that collects on the bathroom counter. Wipe down the counter to remove any toothpaste, water spills, or stray hairs. Doing this twice a day, in the morning and at night, will ensure that your counter surface stays clean and polished on a daily basis. When done, leave the cloth out to dry. Replace the cloth after several days of use.

Wipe your shower dry daily

Clean glass door shower
Avoid mildew and bacteria growth in the shower.

The key to a clean shower is a dry shower. Overtime, mildew and bacteria can grow on the wet shower surfaces if it's not cleaned properly. As a precaution, turn on the ventilation fan and keep it running for the duration of your shower and for 20 minutes after. After each shower, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down the walls, doors, and floors. Be sure to give some extra attention to the crevices of the shower or the caulk lines where the tiles meet the tub to prevent the rise of mold or mildew.

Air dry rugs and towels daily

Towel rack with two towels hanging to dry
Air dry wet towels to avoid unwanted odors.

Dry out your rugs and towels after each use to prevent unwanted mildew odors. Hang wet towels on a rack and keep damp rugs open and free of any items on top to properly air dry. To keep your towels fresh, wash them after 3-4 uses.

Deep clean and sanitize the bathroom weekly

Cleaning the bathroom faucet with a sponge
Weekly bathroom cleaning routines will soon turn into a habit.

Dedicate one day a week to deep clean the bathroom. With the counters and showers taken care of on a daily basis, you will have less to tackle when it comes to the rest of the bathroom.

Remove everything from the countertop before spraying a proper cleaning solution and to the sink, faucet and counter top. Be sure to rinse and wipe down these surfaces with a dry mircofiber cloth when done.

To clean the toilet, use a specialty cleaner and a toilet bowl brush to get a deep clean inside the toilet, and a surface cleaner and microfiber cloth to wipe down the base and outside of the toilet.

When done, let your vacuum sweep the floors of any hair, dust, or debris.


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