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Creative Ways to Keep the House Clean When Your Kids Are Home for Summer

With summer comes the outdoor season, which is a time that many of us look forward to. It's a great time for picnics and BBQs, outdoor sports, and a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with your kids, who are home for the summer! However, alongside all the fun and excitement, kids can also make your home a bit messy. How can you enjoy all the family summer activities while keeping your home tidy for the rest of the summer? Here are a few helpful and creative suggestions.

1. Create a mudroom area.

Having a mudroom is a great way to keep dirt and mess under control. A mudroom is an area by an entrance to a house (either front or back) that provides a specific spot for you to ‘unload’ your outdoor stuff, so it’s not scattered all over the house.

Make sure your mudroom has storage for things like shoes, raincoats, umbrellas, wet beach and pool towels, and more. Placing rugs on the floor will help keep it from getting slippery.

If you don't have enough space for a full mudroom, just put a bench and shelves in your entryway or along the front hallway.

2. Try a toy checkout system.

If you have young children who tend to leave toys all over the house, try using a checkout system. Each child can have one toy at a time, and when they want to play with a new toy, they must put away the first one and "check out" the new one.

Implementing a toy checkout system helps prevent toys from taking over your home or constantly requiring cleanup. It's also an excellent way to teach your kids a sense of responsibility since they need to keep track of their first toy if they want to play with more.

You can also find a creative way to explain the importance of tidying up toys. For instance, you can tell your kids that the toys feel sad when left on the floor because they want to spend time with their toy friends when kids are not around.

3. Share household responsibilities

Instead of tackling all the chores alone, consider assigning age-appropriate tasks to each child. These can include changing the trash, making their bed, sweeping the floor, or simply clearing the dishes. Distribute the chores evenly so that everyone contributes their fair share.

Make chore delegation interactive and engaging. You can use a chore wheel or even play a chore lottery to assign duties among family members. This way, responsibilities are shared in a fun and fair manner, encouraging active participation from everyone in the household.

4. Buy a robotic vacuum.

For many, their robotic vacuum has become one of the most helpful assistants for delegating the task of vacuuming to.

You can program them to run on a regular schedule, whether it's daily, weekly, or even while you're away at work. Just remember to clean the brushes regularly and empty the dustbin after each cleaning session to maintain optimal performance.

If you're interested in finding the perfect robotic vacuum for your needs, you can click here to explore and select the best assistant to help keep your home clean.

5. Reward Yourself

Work hard – play hard! Don’t forget to reward yourself after an intensive cleaning day.

Arrange a spa day for yourself, go out with your friends or family, or simply have a good nap – you definitely deserve it!

Additionally, you can reward yourself in the midst of cleaning when you're feeling overwhelmed, tired, or not quite up to the task. Take a break and indulge in a small treat or reward. It could be enjoying a guilt-free half-hour show, spending some time on social media, or savoring a sweet treat. Giving yourself these small incentives will help keep you motivated and make the cleaning process more enjoyable.


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