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How to Tidy up Fast: 5 Clever Tips and Tricks

It’s an all too familiar holiday scenario. It’s time to celebrate with your near and dear ones. You’ve spent the whole morning preparing for your guests, putting the finishing touches on your home decor, and cooking away.

Suddenly, you look at the clock and see that time has flown by faster than you thought, and the house is still a bit of a mess! Not to fret. Here’s your no stress, quick-tip guide to making your home look its best in 30 minutes or less:

Kick Germs out of your Kitchen

To quickly neaten up your kitchen, first clear any unnecessary items off of the counters, then wipe them down with a microfiber cloth. Put the dishes in the sink, and do a quick sweep or vacuum of the floors.

If you have some fresh flowers lying around, putting them in a vase on the counter is a great way to freshen up the space. Or try putting some sweet snacks in a bowl as a treat -- your guests are sure to feel right at home!

Banish smells from your Bathroom

To speed clean your bathroom, start by applying toilet bowl cleaner to the bowl and cleaning other surfaces as it sanitizes. Use glass cleaner to tackle your mirrors and an all-purpose cleaner over the other surfaces.

Trim up the Tables

Neatly stacking magazines, books, and other decor items on a coffee table gives your home a beautiful, elegant feeling. Minimalism is the key, so take about five minutes to walk through your living room and declutter.

If some extra items are lying around, try putting them in a laundry basket and storing it in a closet while your guests are visiting.

Check Couches & Cushions

Fluffing up pillows and folding blankets instantly gives your living room a more polished, cozy look. To make your pillows look plump, karate chop the middle, sending the stuffing to stiffen the corners. Fold blankets over the back of a couch or the side arms.

Quick tip: strategically arranging your cushions can also cover areas of your furniture that look less than their best!

Finish the Floors

The best way to ensure that the floors in your home are sparkling clean is to regularly vacuum and mop them. Luckily, a robot vacuum cleaner takes the effort right out of this job. If you want to do a quick sweep of your floors, you can send Bob to clean with the click of a button while you’re busy with more important things. Enjoy the holidays and enjoy hosting your guests, stress-free.

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