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The Go-To Cleaner

The first in our line, Bob is still everyone’s go-to cleaner. Packed with favorite features like automatic recharge and scheduled cleaning, Bob’s equipped to handle any mess in any home.


Large Dustbin


Long Main Brush


TurboLift Vacuum


Microfiber Mop

Bob Standard in champagne leaving charging station

Show Dust the Back Door


Bob’s large dustbin holds up to 1000 mL of dust and debris.

Bob Standard in rouge transitioning from cleaning tile to carpet
Bob Standard in champagne cleaning up confetti on hardwood floor

Brush off the Dirt

Long main brush reels in bits and scraps.

Pick Yourself Up


TurboLift™ vacuum lifts dirt and dust from the floor.

Girl pets dog while Bob Standard vacuums the floors at home
Bob Standard in rouge sweeping under the bed

Wipe Away Your Worries


Microfiber mop leaves behind a sparkling trail.

Additional Features

Select a feature to see how it works.

Auto Recharge


Stair & Obstacle Detection

LCD Screen

UV Light


Checkup System

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