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The Heavy Lifter

Shed happens! And when it does, Bob is your best furend. Bob PetHair Plus is our strongest floor cleaner and provides the best relief for pet owners who love their pets, but not their mess.


4x Boosted Suction


blOck Plus


FullCommand™ Remote Control


Standard 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Husky dog face to face playing with Bob PetHair Plus in charcoal

Bob's a ruff and tough guy who's not afraid to play dirty.

Kids sitting at home while boy kisses dog and Bob PetHair Plus cleans the carpet

4X Boosted Suction


Mess makers, meet your match. Bob’s furocious 4x boosted suction power-lifts fur off floors.

Stays Within Bounds


blOck Plus™ keeps Bob out of areas by creating up to two 10 foot invisible barriers.

Bob PetHair Plus avoiding digital block area while man sits in home office
Setting cleaning schedule for Bob PetHair Plus on remote control

FullCommand™ Control


Bob’s FullCommand™ remote allows you to view cleaning modes and manually control Bob.

Close up view of Bob Pethair Plus's LCD screen and buttons

When it comes to mess, Bob shows true grit.

Bob keeps you up to date on the functionality of his parts by displaying trouble messages on his screen.

Additional Features

Select a feature to see how it works.

Auto Recharge


Stair & Obstacle Detection

LCD Screen

UV Light


Mop Attachment

Checkup System

+ All features of Bob PetHair​:

  • Large Dustbin

  • Long Main Brush

Tech your Bob to the next level

Bob mops up the competition with his wet/dry mop, which dispenses water throughout his cleaning cycle. Available for purchase separately. 

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