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At Home Troubleshooting



If you ever notice that Bobsweep is not working like usual, do not worry. Chances are that the problem isn’t as serious as it looks. Come to our Owners' Corner or Support Community, a place where you can find a comprehensive library of documents, videos, and podcasts about bObsweep; in addition to that, a team of experts are ready to chat with you about your bObsweep and give you the information you are looking for. You can also download the latest version of Bob's owner's manual.

One of the good things about Bob is that you can run a checkup on him at home. Watch the following videos to learn how:

bObsweep Checkup and Troubleshooting Guides

In the meantime, the following are some simple do-it-yourself troubleshooting tips that you can use to keep your intelligent  floor cleaner going smoothly.


Troubleshoot Tips:

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Bob suddenly stopped working

  1. Check if the selected cleaning time is over, or Bobsweep is out of charge; put him to charge.
  2. Check if anything is jammed in the wheels or brushes.
  3. Check for ERROR on Bobsweep's screen. Contact us for help and troubleshooting Bob.

Bob is moving slower or heavier than usual, I think his strength has weakened

  1. Check to see if the dustbin is too full. Empty the dustbin if needed.
  2. Ensure that the side brush is working properly. If it's too old it might move heavily, and you need to change it for optimal results.
  3. How old is the battery of your bObsweep? maybe it is time for a new battery.

Bobsweep's remote control isn't working

  1. Check the remote control's batteries.
  2. Wipe Bobsweep's IR sensors and the signal transmitter on the remote using a clean and dry cloth.
  3. Keep proper distance (10 feet or less) between Bobsweep and its remote. Press down any button and hold it while pointing the remote directly at Bobsweep. Make sure no button is jammed.

Bob can't find his Charge-up Station

  1. Did you move Bobsweep manually while he was working? This might interfere with his navigation system. Moving Bobsweep while he is working does not cause him any harm, but will confuse him.
  2. Wipe the charging plates (points of contact between Bob and the station) on both Bobsweep and the Charge-up Station with a dry napkin.
  3. Wipe the IR Transmitter on the Charge-up Station and the IR Receiver on Bobsweep's cover.
  4. Make sure the Charge-up Station is securely plugged into power (the light should be on).
  5. Make sure the Charge-up Station is at least one inch away from the wall, is on a flat, hard surface, with its back parallel to the wall.

Bob suddenly stopped working and doesn't seems to turn back ON.

  1. Don't worry, it is probably the result of a momentary halt in bOb's CPU.
  2. Take bObsweep to the charge-up station, unplug the adaptor from the station and plug bObsweep in directly to the wall using his side inlet
  3. Wait for a few minutes, bOb's display will turn back on and he will start to recharge itself.
  4. Let him get a full charge for a couple of hours and then unplug him. He is good as new.
  5. If you are still not sure what to do, here is a video that can help.

Bob's suction seems to have reduced, he doesn't pick up dust like he used to

The reduced suction can have two reasons:

  1. Suction rotor is not working
  2. The main brush is not working.

Here is what to do:

  1. Turn bObsweep ON and press the start button. Put your hand behind bOb's dustbin and feel the flow of air, this means the suction rotor is working well.
  2. Never run water through the dustbin. Water and excessive humidity are almost the only reason for burning the electric rotor.
  3. If the flow of air was weak, open the dustbin and empty it. Take off the filters and change them if required.
  4. Turn bObsweep OFF using the switch on his side and turn him around.
  5. Take off the main brush and clean it thoroughly.
  6. Clean "both ends" of the main brush and take off the hair wrapped around the ends.
  7. Look into the place holders that hold the main brush in its place on bObsweep. If there's dust or hair stick in there, take it off.
  8. Look at the hexagonal end of bOb's brush. Is it still in a perfect hexagon shape? If it is eroded and misshaped you need to buy a new Main Brush for your bObsweep.
  9. When installing the main brush into the placeholder, make sure the brush is safely and securely in place (Watch video here) before turning bObsweep ON.



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