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You Can Burn Calories While You Freshen Up Your Home

We all want to get in shape when spring and summer roll around, so why not burn a few calories any way you can. The gym is not the only place you can get your exercise, in fact, a study shows that you can burn up to 3,655 calories while doing your spring cleaning in a span of a few days. Meanwhile, the average marathon runner burns between 2,500 - 3,500 calories. We can't tell which one we want to participate in more.

Woman fluffing her bedsheets and making the bed
Burn calories while making the bed.

Household owner's, throw on some tunes and have yourself a little cleaning party. Here are some calorie burning facts we found interesting:

  • Cleaning the cupboards burns the most calories with people spending an average of 4 hours emptying, cleaning, and repacking the cupboards. You can burn up to 952 calories!

  • Cleaning the windows is the second most active activity, with people spending 3 hours, they burned 612 calories.

  • Vacuuming for 1 hour will burn 238 calories.

  • Deep cleaning the bathrooms for 1 hour will burn 258 calories.

  • Dusting is the least active task, burning just 170 calories in 1 hour.

  • Turning the mattresses and making the beds (however many you have) for 1 hour will burn 136 calories.

Reward your body and your home.

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