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The Easter Cleanup Hunt

How to maintain a clean living space after Easter and the rest of spring.

Grandma baking easter treats with grandkids
Spend time with family this Easter.

Times are a little different right now, but that doesn't mean your traditions have to change. Put together that spectacular dinner with your family at home, and organize those Easter games in the family room with the kids. Bring out the chocolate, candy, flowers, and decorations! Celebrate Easter weekend at home and have some fun - inside the house.

When your weekend festivities come to an end you may be left with an Easter hunt of your own. Cleaning up doesn't have to be hard if you organize your tasks. Split up the responsibilities and your home will be spotless again in no time.

Here's a list of tips to keep your living space clean after Easter and the rest of spring:

Handful of chocolate eggs
Find the hidden eggs before they melt.

Collect Any Leftover Hidden Eggs

Remember to collect the remaining chocolate eggs or candy that you hid for the Easter egg hunt. Your kids will have probably found them all, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. You don't want to find melted chocolate behind the tv a few months from now.

Toss the Candy Wrappers

Pick up any loose candy wrappers that may have been left on the floor or table and throw them in the trash. Try to avoid using a vacuum cleaner to clean this mess, as the wrappers could actually clog the vacuum - and that's a mess you don't want to deal with.

Two girls playing on sofa
Check the sofa for hidden candy.

Deep Clean the Sofa

If possible, take out the seat cushions and deep clean the sofa for any candy or chocolate that may have slipped into the crevices. Use a handheld vacuum to get the dirt out and opt for a robotic vacuum cleaner to take care of the areas underneath the sofa.

Take Out the Trash

If you're left with lots of sweets and sticky wrappers in the trash. Take out the trash early to avoid attracting any unwanted pests into your home. This will also stop your pets from wanting to go into the trash bin.

Designate Treat Areas

Kids eating smores
Leave the crumbs on the table.

Designate an area where the kids can sit down and have their treats. Aim for an area like the kitchen table or dining room table to monitor the cleanup and keep the sweets to one area. This will mean less cleanup for you, and no unexpected pests in the house.

If things get a bit messy, follow these stain removal tips on how to remove unwanted stains from your clothing.


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