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It's time to Reorganize Your Home for the New Year

Ring in the new year with a clean home.

Man and woman enjoying breakfast at home
Feeling clean and organized this new year.

The new year is the best time to reorganize, clean, and transform your living space into the calm oasis you've always dreamed of. Go through each area of the house and take a room by room approach. Here's how to reorganize your home for the new year and many more years to come.


Front door entryway
Organize the clutter behind closet doors.

The entryway is the first step to declutter because it is the first part of the house you step into. Keep things neat and create a designated spot for shoes, coats, bags and any other accessories. If you have a closet by the entryway, you can store the shoes most commonly used inside on a two level shoe rack, and put smaller items like mittens, gloves, and hats into labelled baskets at the top shelf of the closet. Decide what you and your family use on a daily basis and put away all other items that do not serve a purpose during this season.

Living Room

Keep remotes at bay with a tray.

The living room is a the best place for all family and guests to gather around but when there are remotes everywhere and blankets thrown around, it can be hard to fully relax. Invest in a stylish tray to place on top of the coffee table or ottoman and store all remotes, magazine or small items in it. This will keep the remotes together in a styled cohesive way. Store any extra blankets in a storage compartment such as hidden shelving units or large floor baskets.


Clean white kitchen
Keep your kitchen countertop clean.

Make everyday cleanup in the kitchen a breeze by decluttering your countertops. Store small appliances in the pantry and only take them out when they need to be used. Foods and snacks should also be kept in designated areas behind doors. Be sure to organize the pantry into zones to make things easier. By clearing the countertops you're able to quickly clean the surface without having to worry about all the items sitting on top of it.


Bed with nightstand
Keep only what you need in your nightstand.

Reorganize your nightstand and sort through all the items you have stored in there. Remove any items you don't use on a daily basis and save the space for essentials only. This will put your mind to ease when going to bed and waking up in the morning.


Throw out old bathroom products.

Clear your countertops and sort through the cabinets. A less cluttered countertop will instantly tidy up your bathroom space. Throw out any expired makeup or empty containers that are no longer being used. Designate a specific drawer or area to the items you use the most and separate them from the rest of your items using drawer inserts or bins.


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