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Cleaning with Bleach: Do's and Don'ts

You could ruin your home if you're not careful with it.

Wiping down a sink faucet with a yellow cloth
Be careful when cleaning with bleach.

Bleach is a common solution that is used to oxidize stains, germs, and other substances and is often mixed with water to dilute the harshness of the effect. If you have used bleach before, you are familiar with using it to clean surfaces such as clothing and bathrooms. However, what may be a good solution for some surfaces, may not be good for others. It's important to be aware of which surfaces you should avoid when cleaning with bleach.

Bleach Don'ts:

  • Do not use bleach on marble

  • Do not use bleach on granite

  • Do not use bleach on stainless steel

Here's Why:

Similar to the burnt orange hue or removal of colour that you'll see on clothing with bleach left on them, the same can happen to these surfaces. A strong bleach solution can create spots on toilet seat covers or countertop surfaces that may enhance spots or even make surfaces darker than they originally were.

Bleach Do's:

  • Test your bleaching solution on a hidden spot before cleaning the whole surface.

  • Dilute your bleach solution with water to avoid harsh bleach stains.

  • Wipe bleach spills immediately after and use water to dilute its effect.


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