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Bobsweep is a sophisticated fellow; the more you get to know him and his habits, the more you will enjoy his company. To learn about bOb's features and maintenance requirements, please refer to Bob's how-to videos on and read the owner's manual. If you still have questions that you can't find an answer for, simply send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

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Set bObsweep to clean a Large, Medium, or Small room



bObsweep can be programmed to clean a room or house for full battery run, 30, or 15 minutes according to the size of place: large, medium, small. See how you can set your bObsweep vacuuming robot to clean "Your Place" for you


bObsweep's spot cleaning modes: spiral and zigzag



bObsweep can clean your entire house on his own, or simply a dirty spot you wish him to. Once set to clean a spot, bObsweep can clean the spot in circular or zigzag movements. Watch the video to learn how you can set bObsweep to clean a specific spot for you.


bObsweep's Auto-Resume feature


You can set Bobsweep to automatically return to work once his charging completes. After Bobsweep finishes vacuum cleaning your home, he goes back to his Charge-up Station. If you turn on the Auto-resume on the Charge-up Station, Bob will restart working after his charge is full. Please remember to turn off this feature when you don't need it, otherwise Bobsweep will keep going back to work every time he is done charging weather it's in the middle of the day or night.


change bObsweep's cleaning speed using the remote


Learn how to use speed and UV buttons on bObsweep's remote control. bObsweep's speed button enables you to choose between three different speed levels for Bob to clean. UV Lamp is ON by default but you can turn it OFF using the remote to save its battery life.


use bObsweep's remote


You can use arrow buttons on bObsweep's remote to guide him in the desired direction. You need to push down the arrow button and hold it to keep Bob moving in any direction. To stop him at anytime, press the pause button in the middle. You will notice that you can't make Bob touch the sides of the wall even if you keep directing him towards it. To tell Bob that you want him to clean the side of the walls and corners of the room, simply press the linear button on Bob's remote.



set the time on bObsweep's charge-up station


Need a little help setting the time on your bObsweep's Charge-up Station? Watch this video and learn, or refer to your Owner's Manual.


set bObsweep's cleaning schedule



Learn how to set bObsweep's schedule (time and days of cleaning). Bobsweep can clean at a specific time of day, up to every day of the week. You should first set bOb's time and then set his schedule. Bob will only be able to start cleaning at the scheduled time if he is on his charge up station on that day and time and has full charge. If you don't want bOb to clean your house on a specific day, make sure you have not selected that day on the charge-up station as a cleaning-day for bOb.


get bObsweep ready to Mop the floors



bObsweep's mop is a unique feature. This video provides instructions on how to use bObsweep robotic vacuum cleaner to mop your wood/tile/stone floors for you.


cleaning and maintenance of bObsweep's brushes


Important Note : Your bObsweep's brushes need to be cleaned regularly! This video demonstrates the way you can disassemble, clean, and assemble the main and side brushes of bObsweep robot vacuum cleaner. Please note that you should clean both ends of the main brush after disassembling it, as well as the holders of the main brush. Hair and dust can get tangled into the ends of the brush, specially the hexagonal part, and cause erosion of the brush and its holder, causing major damage to your dear bOb!


empty and clean bObsweep's dustbin



bObsweep's super large 1 litre dustbin allows it to clean multiple rooms in one run. This video provides instructions on how to empty bObsweep robotic vacuum cleaner's dustbin, clean it and place it back.


put bObsweep to charge: Automatic / Manual charging



bObsweep will run back to his Charge-up Station when his battery falls below 15%. Provided that his Charge-up Station is set correctly for him to dock automatically, bOb will find his own charge-up station and charge himself. You can also set bOb to go back to his charge-up station at anytime during his cleaning session using the Docking button on the remote... or simply take bObsweep and set him to charge up on his Station.

Make sure that bOb's charge-up station is placed on a flat surface at least 10cm away from the wall.

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