bObsweep, more than just a robot vacuum cleaner

Mopping, sweeping and vacuuming at the press of a button


Cleaning the floors involves a number of processes. Taking out the vacuum cleaner and working it over all the floors and carpets in the house to clean them of loose dirt is just the beginning.

Then you have to go back to the utility closet, take out the mop and clean the areas you just vacuumed to get rid of spots. Next comes the buffing of ceramic and hardwood floors. Whether you want to use a flat mop and shine the floors with oil-based floor cleaner or use an actual buffing device, this time-taking job is no hobby to anybody.

More advanced than most robot vacuum cleaners, Bobsweep is able to perform all three tasks of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping together.

The mop extension is actually made of a washable micro-fiber that allows it to thoroughly clean any hardwood, laminate, tile, stone, or any other surface it comes across. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty scrubbing those black spots, just attach the wet mop to Bob's belly and he will scrub those spots clean for you. Feel free to spray some floor cleaning liquid or buffing oil base or any other detergent you usually use on Bob's mop before attaching it. You can also use it dry for polishing and buffing.


Other features of bObsweep:

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RoHS Compliance: Your Safety and the Environment's Protection are Guaranteed
Multiple modes and speeds
Long-lasting, Rechargable Battery
Main and Side Brushes
Mopping, sweeping and vacuuming at the press of a button
Extra Long Main Brush
Extra Large Dustbin (1L)
Remote Control
Auto Stairs & Edge Detector
Auto Recharging
Auto Adjust to Floor Type
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