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Weekly Maintenance

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Flat-Head Screws


Flat-Head Screwdriver


Cleaning Tool


To empty the dustbin:

1. Push the center black button on Junior’s back to release the dustbin, and pull.

2. Open the transparent gate to empty the bin.

3. You may wipe the dustbin with a dry cloth or brush it with the cleaning tool.

4. When done, replace the transparent gate and slide the dustbin back into Junior.

Important Note: Never wash the dustbin nor fill it with water or any other fluid.


Three filters are located inside the dustbin’s ceiling. These filters capture fine particles and allergens, preventing them from escaping back into the air.

To remove the filters:

1. Eject the dustbin.

2. Pull the filter’s frame towards you. You will see three filter layers:

- ​Mesh Filter - for larger particles
- Electrostatic Filter - for fine particles
- HEPA Filter - for sub-micron particles

3. Use the cleaning tool to brush dust off the filters. It is recommended that you change Junior’s filters every 6 months, depending on the frequency and intensity of his cleaning.

Main Brush

It is recommended that you remove and clean Junior's main brush on a weekly basis.

To clean Junior's main brush:

1. Remove the screw securing Junior's main brush using a flat head screwdriver.

2. Use the cleaning tool to remove debris from the ends of the brush as well as the brush compartment inside Junior.

3. You may use a pair of scissors to cut away hair or thread wrapped around the brush, or a pair of tweezers to remove congestion from the notches where the main brush is held.

To reinstall the main brush:

1. Replace the end piece and insert the opposite end of the brush into the square indentation inside Junior.

2. Lastly, re-tighten the screw.

Side Brush

It is recommended that you remove and clean Junior’s side brush on a weekly basis.

To clean Junior's side brush:

1. Remove the side brush using a flat head screwdriver.

2. Use the cleaning tool to brush off hair tangled around the side brush as well as the socket where the side brush is held.

3. Replace the side brush and re-tighten the screw.


Dirt and dust on Junior’s wall and edge sensors can reduce his performance. Regularly cleaning these sensors ensures that Junior keeps working at his best.

To clean Junior's sensors:

1. Gently wet a soft cloth with cold water or rubbing alcohol.

2. Then, wipe the wall sensors along Junior’s bumper and the oval-shaped edge sensors on his underside.


To replace Junior's battery:

1. Remove the battery cover on Junior’s underside using a Phillips head screwdriver.

2. Lift the battery out of its compartment, and unplug the connecting wires.

3. Plug the new battery in and slide it into the empty compartment.

4. Re-tighten the screws on the battery cover.

​Important Note: Do not let Junior sit idly with his power switch ON for more than five days; switch him OFF to conserve his battery.

To charge Junior's new battery:

1. Plug the charging adapter into Junior’s side, Junior will chirp and start charging.

Storing Junior

If you are not using Junior for an extended period of time, unplug his charging station, remove his battery, and store everything in a dry place at room temperature.

Do not leave Junior in direct sunlight.

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