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Remote Control

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Remote Control Buttons

Junior’s remote requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). Do not leave the batteries in the remote if you are not using it on a regular basis. Keep the remote at a normal room temperature.

Power - Wakes Junior or puts him in standby mode

GO! - Junior will begin cleaning

Corner - Junior will start cleaning along corners and walls

Mute - Mutes Junior’s beeping while he is in standby mode

Waffle - Junior will target a localized mess

Charge - Sends Junior to his charging station

Speed - Cycles through Junior’s cleaning speeds

Navigational Arrows - Guides Junior forward, backward, right, or left. Hold down the navigational buttons to keep Bob moving in the desired direction.

Pause - Pauses or resumes Junior's movements

Syncing Junior's Remote​

If Junior is not responding to his remote, it likely needs to be synced.

To sync Junior's remote:

1. Hold down the PAUSE button on Junior’s remote.

2. While still holding down the PAUSE button, flip Junior’s power switch ON.

3. Junior will chirp twice to let you know the sync was successful.

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