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Cleaning Schedule

Junior's Programmable Charging Station

Junior's programmable charging station is an add-on accessory available for purchase separately.

With the programmable charging station, Junior can be quickly and easily scheduled to clean your home automatically, even while you’re away.

Setting the Current Time and Date

Before selecting Junior’s cleaning schedule, first set the current time and weekday on his station.

1. Plug the charging station into a wall outlet. It will turn on and display the default time 8 AM.
2. Next, press the clock button just to the right of the station’s display. The minute digits will flash. Use the adjust/select button to choose the current minutes.
3. To move on to the hour, press the clock button once more. Use the adjust button to choose the current hour. Junior’s station uses a 24-hour clock, so be sure to adjust accordingly.
4. Press the clock button a final time to set the current day of the week. Again, use the adjust/select button to choose the correct day.
5. To save your settings, press the OK button.

Now you’re ready to create a cleaning schedule for Junior!

Creating a Cleaning Schedule

1. Press the bell button and the minute digits will to flash. Use the adjust button to choose your desired minute.
2. Press the bell button once more to adjust the hour. As before, use the adjust button to choose the time Junior should clean.
3. Next select the days you’d like Junior to clean automatically. Press the bell button once more. The Sunday icon will flash at the top of the station’s screen.
4. To select a day, wait for the icon to go solid.
5. To pass on a day of the week, press the adjust button while the day icon is flashing.
6. Once you’ve set Junior’s cleaning schedule, press the ok/cycle button to save your settings.

To erase Junior’s schedule completely, press the bell button until the days of the week begin flashing.
Press the adjust button while each day icon flashes to bypass all weekdays. When only the Saturday icon is flashing, press ok/cycle to save your settings.

If the charging station is left unplugged for 8 hours, Junior’s station will return to its default settings and erase all prior selections.

Auto-Resume Mode

If Junior leaves his charging station on his own, he is either scheduled to clean or on auto-resume mode. On auto-resume mode, Junior leaves his charging station every time his battery is full. This may interfere with his cleaning schedule.

To activate auto-resume:
1. Press the ok/cycle button on Junior’s charging station. The broom icon will remain lit on the station when Junior is on auto-resume.

To deactivate auto-resume:
1. Press the ok/cycle button again. The broom icon will disappear and Junior will return to following his cleaning schedule.

If you’d like to use auto-resume mode without interference from Junior’s cleaning schedule, turn off his charging station by pressing the power button. The station’s screen will go blank, but as long as the station is plugged in, Junior will still find it and work in auto-resume mode.

To resume Junior’s programmed schedule, turn the station back on.

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