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Weekly Brush Maintenance

What You Need: (click to shop)


Cleaning Tool


Phillips Head Screwdriver


Main Brush


Blö Main Brush


Rubber Brush


Side Brush

Main Brushes

bObi uses a dual brush cleaning system. It is recommended that you open and clean bObi’s main brushes after every 2-3 cleaning tasks.

To open and clean the brushes:

1. Flip bObi over and press the latch on the side of the main brushes.

2. Lift the locking bar up and remove the main brushes.

3. Use the cleaning tool to remove debris from the ends of the brush as well as the brush compartment.

4. You may use a pair of scissors to cut away any hair or threads wrapped around the brush, or a pair of tweezers to remove congestion from the notches where the main brush is held.

5. Remove and clean the rubber brush ends. Make sure the metal cores remain in place before replacing the brush ends.

6. Starting with the rubber brush, replace the brushes. Insert the socket ends first, and lower the rubber ends into place under the latch bar.

7. Lower the locking bar until it clicks and locks into place.

Side Brush

bObi uses a side brush to clean along corners and walls. Dirt and dust trapped around the brush can hinder its ability to move freely and reduce bObi’s efficiency.

To clean the side brush:

1. Remove the side brush using a Phillips head screwdriver.

2. Use the cleaning tool to brush off hair tangled around the side brush, as well as the socket where the side brush is held.

3. Replace the side brush and retighten the screw.

7. Let Bob Sweep!

7. Let Bob Sweep!

7. Let Bob Sweep!

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