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Replace the Front Wheel Sensor

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Phillips Head Screwdriver


Front Wheel Sensor





Replacing bObi's Front Wheel Sensor

bObi's modular design makes it easy to replace old or damaged parts from home. For this repair, you'll need a Phillips head screwdriver and a replacement front wheel sensor.

Before we get started, turn bObi OFF and flip her over onto a flat surface.

1. Remove bObi’s dustbin.

2. Next, remove bObi’s front wheel. Grip the wheel with your hand and pull straight up, using the screwdriver for leverage. Behind the wheel are two screws. There is a larger screw set deeper in the wheel compartment. Use the screwdriver to remove it.

Keep this screw, and all other screws removed from bObi, for later reassembly.

3. Remove the screws on both sides of bObi’s dustbin. Then, remove the corner pieces that were held down by the screws.

4. Grip the brush compartment and pull down to reveal two screws on a red fastener. Remove them with the screwdriver.

5. Pull the brush compartment up until it is freed from the red fastener. Then, detach the brush compartment and set it aside.

6. Remove the 4 screws located beneath the brush compartment.

7. Remove the 2 screws on the dustbin’s red fastener. Remove the fastener and set it aside for reassembly.

bObi’s cover is no longer secured, so carefully flip bObi onto her wheels.

8. Lift the cover to reveal the mainboard underneath. Remove the two circuit plugs connecting bObi’s lid to her mainboard.

Place the cover aside and you’re ready to replace any of bObi’s internal parts.

9. bObi Pet’s front wheel sensor is located on top of her front wheel. Disconnect the small circuit plug at the top of the mainboard, and remove the two screws securing the sensor onto bObi. Keep these screws closeby for later reassembly.

10. Remove bObi’s wheel sensor from underneath her. Then, place the new sensor in the empty space and reattach the circuit plug to the main board. Align the sensor with the screw posts so the wiring is on bObi’s left.

11. Re-install the two screws and you’re ready to close bObi.

12. Attach the 2 circuit plugs from bObi's cover back onto her main board.
- The white-wired plug on bObi’s lid connects to the center of the mainboard.
- The yellow-wired plug connects to the right side of the mainboard.

13. Lay down bObi's cover and line up the edges precisely. While holding bObi’s top and bottom together, carefully flip bObi over onto a flat surface.

14. Next, reinstall the front wheel’s screw. Place the front wheel on top and firmly push down to secure it.

15. Replace the dustbin’s red fastener and install its 2 screws.

16. Next, install the 4 screws in the space beneath the brush compartment.

17. Plug in the brush compartment. Then, replace its red brush fastener and install the 2 screws. Position the brush compartment back in its original place. Make sure the rubber strip is not stuck under the brush compartment.

18. Now reinsert the corner pieces on both sides of the dustbin, with the arms of the brush attachment linked.

19. Lastly, reinstall the 2 screws in each of the corner pieces.

Make sure the bin can slide in easily before using bObi again. Congratulations on completing bObi Pet's front wheel sensor replacement and happy cleaning!