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Remote Control

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Remote Control Buttons

The remote control is your most useful tool when communicating with bObi. It allows you to set bObi’s cleaning schedule and activate her cleaning modes. Each time you select an action on the remote, bObi will chirp once before performing the selected action.

CUR TIME - Sets the current time and weekday

SCH TIME - Sets bObi's cleaning schedule

ALL/NONE - Selects/deselects all weekdays

UV - Turns bObi’s UV light ON and OFF

HI/BYE - Puts bObi in and out of standby mode

OK - Confirms selection

Navigational Arrows - Guide bObi forward, backward, left, and right

STOP - Pauses or resumes bObi’s movement

SPEED - Alternates between bObi’s two speeds

JUICE - Sends bObi to her charging station

WAFFLE - bObi will clean a localized mess

GO! - bObi will clean on her default cleaning mode


Syncing bObi's Remote​

bObi’s remote control requires two AAA batteries (not included). Do not leave the batteries in the remote if you are not using it on a regular basis. Keep the remote at room temperature. If bObi is not responding to her remote, it likely needs to be synced.

To sync bObi's remote:

1. Flip bObi’s power switch OFF.

2. While holding down the OK button on bObi’s remote, flip bObi’s power switch ON.

3. bObi will chirp twice to let you know the sync was successful.

If bObi does not chirp, repeat the process.