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Mini-Mop Attachment

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Mop Attachment


Mopping Pads

Using bObi's Mop

bObi comes with a mini-mop attachment and 2 microfiber mopping cloths, which can be used dry or damp. bObi’s mini-mop can be used to remove small stains from hard floors such as tile, laminates, and hardwood.

To use bObi's mop:

1. Align the two prongs of the mini-mop attachment with their notches on the underside of bObi’s dustbin.

2. Hold the attachment perpendicular to bObi and press down gently until the attachment snaps into place.

3. Lay the attachment flat along bObi’s underside and lock it in place.

Removing bObi's Mop

Remove the mini-mop attachment when bObi cleans rugs and carpets.

To detach bObi's mop:

1. Grip the button on the back of the mop attachment and pull up to unlock.

2. Lift the attachment until it is perpendicular to bObi, then pull up to detach.

3. Remove the mopping cloth from the mini-mop attachment and wash as needed.

7. Let Bob Sweep!

7. Let Bob Sweep!

7. Let Bob Sweep!

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