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Cleaning Schedule

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Set bObi’s Cleaning Schedule

bObi can be programmed to start cleaning on the days and time of your choosing through her remote control. To set bObi’s cleaning schedule up, you must first set the current time and weekday on her remote.

Weekdays - The numbers 1 to 7 on the top of the screen represent days of the week. 1= Monday, 2= Tuesday, 3= Wednesday, 4= Thursday, 5= Friday, 6= Saturday, 7= Sunday.

Signal Indicator - Lights up when bObi and her remote communicate.

UV Indicator - Indicates if the UV light is on or off.

Speed Indicator - Indicates bObi’s current cleaning speed.

Current Time - Displays the current time.

Scheduled Time - Displays bObi’s scheduled cleaning time.


Set the Current Time

bObi uses a 24-hour clock. If you want bObi to start cleaning at 8:00 AM, set her scheduled time to 08:00. If you want her to start at 8:00 PM, set it to 20:00. 8:00 AM is the default time. This time is displayed after installing new batteries in the remote.

To set the current time on bObi's remote:

1. Make sure bObi’s power switch is ON. Press the CUR TIME button on bObi’s remote.

2. The first hour digit will start flashing. Use the FWD and BACK buttons to adjust the first hour digit.

3. Press the RGHT button to move on to the next digits. Use the FWD and BACK buttons to adjust the hour and minute digits.

4. Press the RGHT button until the frame around number 1 on top of the screen starts to flash.

5. Press the FWD and BACK buttons to scroll through weekdays.

6. When you reach the current weekday, press CUR TIME again to save the day.

bObi will start cleaning on the scheduled time even if her dustbin or brushes need cleaning. Remember to regularly check bObi’s dustbin and brushes to make sure they are clean.