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Cleaning Behavior

bObi's Cleaning Behavior

bObi’s cleaning pattern may look quite different from the way a human would clean. She may travel in a straight line, follow along walls, or zigzag across a small area. Sometimes she may seem to be ignoring some spaces or spending too much time on others — but don’t worry! Rest assured, bObi will efficiently clean your home within the course of a full cycle — just check bObi’s dustbin for the evidence!

It is best to let bObi work in her own way, even if her movements appear odd. Picking her up and moving her around may confuse her and disrupt her cycle.

If you would like bObi to avoid a certain area, you may create an invisible, 10 foot barrier with bObi blOck™. Or, if you would like to control bObi’s movements manually, feel free to use the navigation buttons on her remote.

7. Let Bob Sweep!

7. Let Bob Sweep!

7. Let Bob Sweep!

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