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Quick Start Guide

What You Need: (click to shop)


Phillips Head Screwdriver




Charging Adapter


Charging Station



Box Contents

FullCommand™ Remote Control, Charging Station, Charging Adapter, Main Brushes (2), Rubber Sweeper, Side Brushes (2), Mini-Mop Attachment, Mopping Cloths (2), Filters (2), Screwdriver, Cleaning Tool, Pack of Screws, Syncing Tool, Blindfold Stickers, Owner’s Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Warranty Card.

Install bObi's Battery

Before bObi’s first clean, you must install her battery. Make sure bObi’s power switch is turned OFF.

​1. Remove the battery cover using a Phillips head screwdriver.

2. Plug the battery in at the circuit junction. Tuck the wire into the side of the compartment and slide the battery in.

3. Replace the cover and retighten the screws.

4. After installing bObi’s battery, charge bObi for 8 hours before first use.


Charge bObi

To charge bObi:

1. Plug the charging adapter into the side of the charging station. The station’s blue power light will turn on.

2. Place bObi on her charging station with the metal nodes on her front resting against the plates on her station.

3. bObi will chirp, her lights will flash, and the center light will blink to indicate that she is charging. The other lights will disappear.

4. Alternatively, you may charge bObi by plugging the charging adapter into the inlet above her power switch.

The center light on bObi will remain solid when she is fully charged and ready to clean.


bObi's First Clean

bObi is now ready to clean!

1. Flip her power switch ON, and press the GO! button on her cover or remote. bObi will clean on her default setting.

2. If bObi is left idle with her power switch ON, her screen will go blank and she will enter standby mode.

3. To wake bObi, tap her touchscreen.

4. To fully power off bObi, flip her power switch OFF.

Clear the area of small items and cords before asking bObi to clean.


7. Let Bob Sweep!

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