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Cleaning Modes

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Remote Control

bObi's Touchscreen Buttons

There are three touchscreen buttons on bObi: GO!, JUICE, and WAFFLE.

These buttons do not work while bObi is on her charging station. To use these buttons, you must first remove bObi from her charging station.

Alternatively, you can use bObi’s remote to select her cleaning modes without needing to remove her from her charging station.

GO! - bObi’s default cleaning mode. bObi will clean a large area until her battery reaches 15% capacity, and then she will return to her charging station.

JUICE - tells bObi to return to her charging station. bObi will not clean while in JUICE mode.

WAFFLE - can be used to clean up small spills of dry substances. bObi will clean an area of 10 square feet (1 square meter) for about 1 – 3 minutes before she stops and enters standby mode.

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