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Charging Adapter


Charging Station


Syncing Tool




Charging Station Placement

- Secure bObi’s charging adapter behind her station so the cord does not get in her way while she is cleaning.
- Position bObi’s charging station against a wall on a hard, flat surface.
- Make sure that there is at least 10 feet (3 m) of open space in front of the charging station and 2 feet (0.5 m) on either side of the station.


Auto Charging

bObi automatically searches for her charging station when her battery reaches 15% capacity. She will chirp, stop vacuuming, and display JUICE on her cover while searching. When bObi detects her charging station, she will line herself up, dock, and begin to charge.

If bObi has trouble finding her station, you likely need to sync the station.

​To sync the charging station:

1. Flip bObi’s power switch OFF.

2. Plug the adapter into the charging station.

3. Use the syncing tool that came in bObi’s box to press the sync button on the back of the station.

4. While still pressing the sync button, flip bObi’s power switch ON.

5. bObi will chirp twice to let you know the sync was successful.

​Direct bObi to her charging station at any time by pressing the JUICE button on her cover or remote.

​Important Note: To prolong bObi’s battery life, flip her power switch OFF when not in use.


Manual Charging

Using the charging station:

1. Place bObi on her charging station with the metal nodes on her front resting against the plates on her station.

Using the adapter:

1. Plug the charging adapter directly into the inlet above bObi’s power switch.